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What Is A 24 Hr Towing Service?

A 24 hr towing service should be able to handle emergencies of all types and provide the fastest response possible. It should be reliable and trustworthy. You want a service that will not only tow your vehicle but will also solve any other problems with it. These services can fix any issues on the spot or bring it to a repair shop with the necessary tools and equipment. You should be pleasantly surprised by how much help a 24-hour towing company can provide.


Most 24 hr towing services charge a flat fee. You should make sure to ask the company to give you an estimated cost beforehand so that you can make an informed decision. Many towing companies offer towing services as part of their policy. However, it is important to note that these services don’t just tow cars. They provide many other car services as well. You should be aware of these options before you choose one.

Some of these companies may offer towing services for a fee. If you don’t have the money to pay their full rate, you can always find an affordable service that will still get the job done. The best thing about these services is that they will be able to accommodate your budget. They often serve a local area, which makes them ideal for you if you’re having a difficult time getting your car working.

When you’re in need of towing, you need a reliable company that can respond quickly and safely. Some of these services are insurance-approved, meaning they can bill your auto insurance provider for the service. These services are well-trained and have the experience necessary to deal with emergency situations. When you need help, 24 hr towing Thurgoona is a great option. If you’re in need of an emergency towing service, they can handle your situation in a timely manner.

When you’re in need of a towing service, you can choose one with a wide variety of services and prices. The most important factor is quality and affordability. A 24-hour towing service should be able to handle most of the common emergency situations that arise during the day. They must be able to get to you fast and have the proper equipment to work on a vehicle. They should have a wide range of prices.

A 24 hr towing company is available around the clock to address your emergency needs. Towing services can assist you with various car problems. These services are insured to protect you from paying excessive towing charges. They will also bill your auto insurance provider for the service you need. You don’t need to worry about paying the fees. A 24 hr towing service will take care of all of these for you.

If you need a towing service on short notice, you’ll want to call a 24 hr towing service. The best towing services can be found in several locations, but it’s important to search around and compare prices. Some of these services are licensed and have special rates depending on the distance. If you’re looking for an affordable towing service, you might want to call a local one. These services usually serve a specific area and will be familiar with the area.

A 24 hr towing service in Thurgoona can help with a variety of car issues. They are often able to handle different car troubles, such as a car that won’t start. You’ll also be able to get it to a repair shop with ease. In case you have a car that has broken down, a 24hr towing service is available to assist you. Its default rate will depend on the type of vehicle and the distance traveled.

In the event that your car has been damaged in an accident, a towing service will take care of the repairs. If the towing company doesn’t have the right parts to work on your car, they can store it for you for a reasonable fee. Aside from towing, a 24-hour towing service is capable of repairing various car problems. The service should be able to handle all types of situations, from a minor fender bender to a major wreck.

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The Pool Finishing Process: What You Need To Know

Filling Up Your Pool

Here at Premier Pools, we want to see you enjoying your pool as soon as possible. 

But there are a few steps you’ll need to complete during the pool finishing process so that your pool finish looks great for many summers to come. We’ll cover those steps below.

Before Filling Up Your Pool

Before fill-up begins, contact your water district and let them know you’re filling up a pool. Otherwise, they might think you have a leak and shut off your water.

Your Pool Finish

The next thing that affects how long the fill-up will take is your pool finish.

A plaster finish will complete in one day. We’ll spray the plaster on, trowel it into a smooth surface, and begin filling up your pool that day.

With an aggregate pool finish like pebble or glass beads, we’ll apply it in a day and let it sit overnight. Then the next day, we’ll acid-wash it, pressure-wash it, and then start filling it up.

What do I need to do during the pool filling process?

Once started, do not stop the water until your pool is full. If you shut off the water, you’ll get a ring around your pool where it stopped. You can slow it to a trickle, but make sure it doesn’t stop until it gets to the middle of the waterline tileFill from the deep end first. If you start from the shallow end, you’ll create streaking on the bottom of your pool, from the shallow end to the deep end. Once your pool is filled, move your hose into your raised spa or any raised features you may have.Let Premier know if you plan on filling your pool with well water. We’ll need to get a water sample to see the calcium and hardness content and know precisely the water quality we’re putting into the swimming pool. We also want to make sure we don’t dry up your well—pulling 20,000 gallons will quickly dry it up.

How long will it take to fill up my pool?

Depending on a couple of factors, it could take anywhere from four hours to four days.

Multiple garden hoses flowing at once will speed things up, but mostly, it depends on how much water you have coming into your house. Lower water pressure means a slower fill. With good water pressure, expect it to take up to a day and a half.


Stopping water flow during fill-up will create a ring around your pool, so make sure you call your water district. That way, you’ll avoid interruptions and be working on your tan in no time.

Don’t Forget To Brush Your Pool

Pool brushing is a crucial part of the pool finishing process and will make sure your pool stays looking fresh.

As the plaster cures underwater over the first 30 days, some of the material will make its way to the surface. Brushing your pool finish will keep it from setting into your pool finish.

To do this, you’ll brush the entire surface of your pool several times a day. It would be best if you did this for up to the first week. We’ll give you a brush and pole and instruct you on how to get it done properly and regularly. 

Your Premier Service Technician will tell you what brushing schedule is best for your particular finish.

The Chemical Process

The last part of the pool finishing process is making sure the chemicals in your pool water are balanced. But don’t worry, a Service Technician will take care of your pool water’s total alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH balance, and more.

With a plaster finish, it can take 30 days before you can introduce heat and start balancing your pool water so that it’s safe to start swimming.

With a pebble finish, you can start swimming within a week, but don’t introduce heat for about two weeks.

Your Service Technician will let you know when it’s safe to do your first cannonball.

We recommend one cannonballer at a time.

One Last Important Step

Contact your gas company and tell them you just installed a pool gas heater or other fire features in your backyard. Your Premier pools construction supervisor can tell you how many BTUs your backyard is pulling so you can give that info to the gas company. They’ll make sure you have the correct gas meter to keep your features working correctly.

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How to Properly Water Your Gunite Pool’s Shell

Gunite Swimming Pools—How to Properly Water Your Gunite Pool’s Shell

Cleaning, maintenance, and inspections—the responsibilities that come with owning a pool.

Each type of pool requires its own routine of upkeep, and the routine for gunite pools is one every owner of a concrete pool should be aware of.

Watering Gunite

An essential step in caring for your concrete pool is to saturate the bond beam.

What does this mean?

To avoid your shell from drying out too quickly, you must wet the concrete frequently. It is important you focus not only on the bond beam but also on the steps and cabos. These are the thickest parts so they will need some TLC.

Pro Tip: Remove the nozzle or sprayer of your hose to soak and saturate the beam as much as possible. It will not only make your job easier, but more effective too!

When spraying, be mindful of your surroundings and watch where you step. It is recommended you spray from inside the pool. Failure to do so could result in serious injury.

For the remainder of the pool, we suggest first spraying from the shallow end of your pool and working your way to the deep end. The water will naturally cover more ground as it flows. Watering the raised walls will also prove to be beneficial.

The color of the concrete will be an indicator of what is left to cover so be on the lookout. This is helpful for saturating all areas of your pool’s shell.

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Maintaining Your Gunite Shell

While watering is an important component, it is how much and for how long that counts the most. Not enough watering throughout the day will leave a negative impact on your pool’s shell.

It is recommended you water 3-5 times daily for about a week. Your concrete pool will thank you!

Gunite Pool Will Look the Best When Cared for

A normal part of the process is the development of holes and other imperfections. They are shrinkage cracks on the top layer of the gunite so don’t worry if you start to notice them.

Please note that the slower your concrete cures, the stronger it will be.

If you see a formation of a puddle in your pool or spa, don’t fret as it is perfectly normal. It indicates you have been watering and that the pool is holding water.

By properly caring for and being mindful of your pool’s maintenance needs, your pool is set to be in tip-top shape!

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New Pool Construction Offerings in West Chicago, IL, and Richmond, VA

Premier Pools and Spas Opens Locations in West Chicago, Illinois, and Richmond, Virginia.

Premier Pools and Spas, the world’s largest swimming pool builder, announces the addition of two new build franchises—West Chicago, Illinois, and Richmond, Virginia. PPAS is an award-winning pool building franchiser with 119 locations across the nation. They’ve won several awards, including the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) International Award of Excellence for Design. They’ve also ranked as the #1 National Pool Builder by Pool & Spa News.

The President of Premier Franchise Management, Aaron Gurley, is proud to announce the owners of each location: veteran owners of the Central Illinois location, Nathan and Rachelle Whiteman, are expanding their territory into West Chicago, and Chuck Mihalcoe is the new Premier franchise owner in Richmond, VA.

“Our company culture is unlike any other because our franchisees are supportive of one another, share knowledge, and celebrate successes.”

~ Paul Porter, founder

With these new additions, Premier continues building its reputation for innovative design and excellent customer service. And it all begins with an in-home consultation where Premier works with each client to bring their backyard vision to life without going over budget.

Premier began offering franchise opportunities in 2014 to like-minded entrepreneurs with high standards for quality and value. If you’re interested in owning a Premier franchise, please visit or call (844) 366-2102.

West Chicago, IL | Owners: Nathan & Rachelle Whiteman

Nathan has a background in upper management for well-known insurance brands and brings ten years of experience in the pool industry before joining PPAS. Rachelle has upper management experience in her family’s commercial and residential cleaning company.

When asked how they found PPAS, Nathan answered, “My feeling is that PPAS found us. I was searching for a way forward in the family pool business, but the industry is not one where your competitor down the road would share his best practices or give advice or a helping hand. PPAS provides that family atmosphere, and as soon as we discovered each other, I knew it was our path forward.”

Nathan and Rachelle have been married since 2016 and have three children. They enjoy time with family, weekend camping trips, and performing music with their church’s worship band on Sundays.


Richmond, VA | Chuck Mihalcoe

After earning a BBA in Marketing from Radford University, Chuck Mihalcoe became a concrete salesperson for Branscome Incorporated. He
New Pool Construction Offerings in West Chicago, IL, and Richmond, VA 4
then moved on to start his own concrete construction company, which he owned for 24 years.

“I’m a person who values quality first, so choosing Premier was the obvious choice,” said Chuck. Chuck’s knowledge of concrete construction will help him bring a Premier-quality pool building experience to his clients, fulfilling their visions and dreams.

Chuck’s wife, Wendy, is a reading specialist with Newport News Schools. His daughter Hope, a freshman in college, will be working with him at Premier, while his two younger boys are still in high school, where they play baseball.

bout Premier Pools & Spas

Founded in 1988, Premier Pools & Spas (PPAS) has a reputation for first-class results within the customer’s budget.

Owner/CEO Paul Porter and his son, Brian Porter, hosted season 7 of the DIY TV show Pool Kings, where they built ten spectacular pools.

PPAS builds and services swimming pools and spas for homeowners across the country.

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New Pool Construction Offerings in Greenville, SC, and Fayetteville, AR

The world’s largest swimming pool builders expand their territory into Greenville, SC, and Fayetteville, AR.

Premier Pools and Spas, the world’s number one swimming pool builder, has recently expanded into Greenville, SC, and Fayetteville, AR.

Aaron Gurley, President of Premier Franchise Management, has selected Cassidy Mehlhaff & Brent Horsman as the new Premier franchise owners in Greenville, SC, and Todd & Allison Crane as the new Premier franchise owners in Fayetteville, AR.

Premier Pools & Spas franchises offer swimming pool construction and remodeling, including gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl inground pools. Premier’s tremendous growth has recently expanded its services to 32 states across the country.

“Our company culture is unlike any other as our franchisees are supportive of one another, share knowledge, and celebrate successes.”

~ Paul Porter, founder

Premier began offering franchise opportunities in 2014 to like-minded entrepreneurs with high standards for quality and value.

Greenville, SC | Owners: Cassidy Mehlhaff & Brent Horsman

Cassidy Mehlhaff, whose father owns the Premier franchise in Vacaville, has worked for PPAS in many roles over the years, from marketing to design to sales. Before that, she spent ten years as a small business consultant for a Fortune 50 company. After playing professional ball for the San Diego Padres, Brent spent 20 years building a successful general contractor business based on 100% customer referrals.

Together they are excited to grow their presence and serve the community of Greenville, “While there may be other builders in our area, none even come close to having the resources and foundation of Premier. We are certain that we will continue to provide the value, quality, and integrity that this company was built on.”


Fayetteville, AR | Owners: Todd & Allison Crane

New Pool Construction Offerings in Greenville, SC, and Fayetteville, AR 8

Todd and Allison have both owned businesses before this new venture. Allison has owned and operated two brick-and-mortar boutiques that also had an eCommerce presence. Todd owned a construction business focused on residential properties and another company that offered specialized inspection services to residential owners and contractors. He has also worked in aviation as an aircraft engineer for almost 18 years.

Though they’ve built businesses from scratch before, they were looking for something new with a robust support system in place. Premier fit that bill while also providing an opportunity to build a family business as their legacy to pass on. Todd had this to say about joining the Premier family, “It is great to know that we are in the business of fun and helping people realize their dreams.”

bout Premier Pools & Spas

Founded in 1988, Premier Pools & Spas (PPAS) has a reputation for first-class results within the customer’s budget.

PPAS is the #1 Ranked Pool Builder in the U.S. according to Pool & Spa News and the winner of many awards, including National Pool Builder of the Year and multiple PHTA International Awards of Excellence for Design.

Owner/CEO Paul Porter and his son, Brian Porter, hosted season 7 of the DIY TV show Pool Kings, where they built ten spectacular pools.

PPAS designs and builds luxurious swimming pools, spas, and outdoor entertainment areas for homeowners across 32 states.

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The Future of Pool Care is Smart

Every home is becoming smarter, as families add devices to make their lives easier and safer. Smart door locks ensure that the house is secure, or a water leak detector can send an alert if water is detected in the basement or under the sink.

Connected experiences like this aren’t limited to the home, they can make life with a pool or hot tub easier and safer, too with connected apps and devices. Here are today’s connected pool experiences:

Smart Lights

Many families added smart lights inside the home, whether to save on energy with schedules or to add ambiance with different colors. Did you know that you can have smart lights in your pool, too? ColorLogic LED lights can be added to most pools. Not only are they energy efficient, but they can brighten up a pool party or a night swim with 10 different color choices and seven color-changing shows.

Smart Water Balance

It’s easier to have fun in your pool when you know the water is safe, but chemical balance can be a challenge even for veteran pool owners. The pHin Smart Water Monitor measures the water over 1,000 times per week, and sends alerts and instructions when the water is out of balance. A pool technician can also connect to stay in-the-know about the water quality so they can schedule service when it’s needed.

Pool Control from Anywhere

Pool owners can ‘set and forget’ their equipment using the OmniHub from Hayward. It works with most pools and spas, giving users control through the app to turn on/off or set schedules for their equipment, including variable-speed pumps, heaters, pool/spa color lights, spa settings, AquaRite® salt systems, booster pumps, backyard lighting, and water features.

A Robot for Your Pool

Many families have a robotic vacuum that keeps their floors clean for them. Pool owners can spend less time on pool cleaning with robot vacuums like Hayward’s AquaVac® 500. It’s designed with two scrubbing brushes to clean the walls and floors of the pool, programmed to find the most efficient path possible. It uses 94% less energy than other cleaners, and it’s also automatic: Users can set it to operate every 24, 48, or 72 hours.

If you haven’t started with the smart pool devices available today, it might be time to revamp your pool care routine. Who knows what will come next!

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Did you know? 12 Fast Facts About pHin

Whether you’re a long-time pHin user or testing the water for our smart pool care, learn these 12 fun facts and technical details you might not know about pHin:

Born in 2015: A pool owner was tired of testing his water and calculating chemical dosing, so he created pHin to remove the guesswork to getting safe water. After building a team and developing the product, pHin launched in 2015.Works with over 200 chemicals: Pool owners can choose which chemicals they’d like to use with pHin from a large database – and they can request additions if their brand isn’t included already.pHin measures the water more than anyone: Most homeowners check their pool or hot tub water weekly. pHin blows their tests out of the water, by measuring the water up to 1,000 times per week.1 billion samples: Over the years, pHin has collected and analyzed over 1 billion water samples in thousands of pools, hot tubs, and swim spas across the country.Algorithms makes measuring smarter: pHin does more than check the parts per million (ppm) of chemicals in the water, it analyzes the effectiveness of the sanitizer, whether chlorine, bromine, or salt, to provide intelligent dosing instructions. Learn more about “Kill Power” here.pHin is friendly with any pool: pHin isn’t only for pools, it can monitor and help you balance a hot tub or swim spa, too!Amazon Alexa talks to pHin: Now you can check on your water balance without even opening the app. Ask Alexa if your pool water is safe or for the temperature of your hot tub before jumping in. Learn more here.pHin doesn’t like the cold, but has a “Winter” mode: pHin can’t stay outside in the cold weather, but it has a special winter setting so pHin can hibernate for the winter and come out for the next pool opening.You can travel with pHin: Worried about the water quality of pools and hot tubs at rental homes and Airbnbs? Take your pHin on the road to check that the balance is safe before taking a dip.pHin can help your pool tech: Your pool technician can be connected to your pHin so they can check in on your water balance remotely and schedule service as needed.Data from pHin could save your pool: Monitoring your water does more than keep it in balance, the start of an imbalance could indicate that a piece of equipment is on the fritz or about to break. John Sciacca wrote about his experience in Residential Systems.Unlimited help from pHin: The smart monitor has a battery that can last up to two years, but if it runs out you can get a free replacement any time if you have the monitoring subscription.

Learn anything new? If you’re ready to add smart technology to your water care routine, click here.

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Prep Your Pool for Winter Hibernation

Homeowners in Northern, cooler states are expecting temperatures to drop over the next few weeks. When the first autumn leaves fall, it’s time to start closing your pool for the season – A general rule of thumb is to wait until outdoor temperatures start to steadily fall below 65 degrees. To avoid damage or other issues next pool season, follow these steps and precautions:

Clean the Pool

Before it can be closed, you’ll want to get your pool as clean as possible. Using a vacuum or skimmer, make sure there are no leaves or other debris floating in the water. The pool walls and stairs should be scrubbed with a brush to break up any algae build up. You’ll want to get your pool as clean as possible before it’s closed for the season.

Lower the Water Level

As you’re getting your pool ready for the off season, drain water to avoid problems with ground water and temperature levels if/when they drop below freezing. How much water should you drain? That depends on the climate of the area you live in. If temperatures are generally cold in the winter, you’ll want to drain the water 4 to 6 inches below the tile line to avoid any potential issues with freezing water.

Check and Clean Filters

Even through the winter, check on your filters regularly to make sure they are running properly and keeping the water clean and safe. Pool filters help remove debris from the water but can’t do their job properly if they aren’t cleaned regularly. You’ll be thankful later – this step will help to preserve the lifespan of the filter system and keep your pool clean during the off season for an easier opening in the spring.

Adjust Chemical Levels

Before you close your pool for the winter, test the water’s chemistry levels and get it balanced. Closing your pool with unbalanced levels will make it difficult to open it up the next season. For help checking and correcting the balance, you can turn to pHin. The pHin Smart Water monitor will help you understand if your pool is balanced with color coded discs. pHin’s simplified chemical dosing instructions will help you understand how much of each chemical needs to be added to get the water balanced.

Set to Winterize

pHin has a special setting for winter: Pool owners can get their monitor and pool ready for hibernation by tapping on the “subscription” icon on the app homepage and click “winterize pool.” Then they can remove pHin from the pool and store it in a safe spot until next season.

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pHin App Compact Mode Enables Remote Client Management

With pHin data at their fingertips, service technicians can efficiently initiate proactive water care schedules.

pHin has added Compact Mode to the pHin app, enabling service technicians to remotely view customer water data with an easy filter view and alerts.

A pHin Smart Water Monitor deployed in a client’s pool, hot tub, or swim spa measures the water pH, oxidation reduction potential, and temperature, with charts showing seven day, 60-day, and 90-day views. The measurements are taken over 1,000 times per week, and the proprietary algorithm analyzes the results to provide a color-coded status indicating whether the water is balanced, needs an action, or is unsafe.

Client management is streamlined with Compact Mode. Technicians can monitor a vast number of pHins through the app, streamlined with a filter view to search clients by location, vessel name, water status, and cellphone number. Technicians can also assign a custom name to the connected pHins, such as client name, address, location, or even a client’s separate units in a hot tub and pool. When the water is unbalanced and needs attention, they’re alerted in real-time in the app or via email so they can proactively schedule maintenance be

fore the customer even notices an issue. The data provided in Compact Mode can also be used to manage service schedules and delegating teams.

Compact Mode can be activated in the pHin app with a simple on/off in account settings with the most-recent version of the app. Technicians can add client pHin Smart Monitors to their account by scanning the QR code on the box or entering the serial number during setup to add the pHin to their account.

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